By plane:

The nearest airport is located at Parnaíba (state of Piauí), connecting via Recife (state of Pernambuco) and Teresina, capital of Piauí, by Azul Airlines.

It is also possible to come by air via Teresina by Piquiatuba Airlines.

Once in Parnaíba airport, one can get to Barra Grande by car or by bus (~70 km).

By bus:
Parnaíba-Barra Grande

There are two options from Parnaiba to Barra Grande:

  1. Expresso Guanabara – Parnaíba Bus Terminal.
  2. Damasceno / Fontenele agency: Rua Coronel José Macedo, 1162 tel: (86) 3322-1683.

Departures: Monday to Friday: 10:30AM, 2:00PM, 4:00PM – Saturdays: 2:00PM

For those who want to go by bus from Teresina to Barra Grande, the best option is the Expresso Guanabara, leaving every day at 11:30 pm, and arriving at 5:58 am.

The reverse path can be done daily also, leaving Barra Grande at 10:20 pm, and arriving in Teresina at 4:54 pm.


By car:
Teresina-Barra Grande

If you are coming from Teresina (401 km – BR 343/BR402) take the ring road at km 18 to the right (just before Parnaíba), which is the road leading to Camocim (CE).

Missed it?  No problem…  There is another access at the Parnaíba bus terminal.

Luís Correia-Barra Brande

Do you want to go to Luis Correia (PI), 14 km from Parnaíba, and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Atalaia, Peito de Moço, Maramar or Coqueiro, among others, before heading to Barra Grande? The PI 116 road connects the two spots, and it will take you only 60 km for that experience…

Fortaleza-Barra Grande

If you are coming from Fortaleza (CE), the shortest way is via BR 402 (449 km), along the sea coast.

And for those going around the northeastern coast, check the distances from another two very special sites:

  • – Jericoacoara (CE) -> Barra Grande: 179km.
  • – Barreirinhas (MA) / Lençóis Maranhenses -> Barra Grande: 200km.

Private Transfers

If a private transfer  is what best meets your needs, you might care to refer to and hopefully find an alternative.












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