Barra Grande has a good lodging structure for tourists, with several welcoming and very charming inns. The options range from double bedrooms to small cottages that meet the expectations of groups up to four people.

The peculiarity of the local architecture is the intense use of wood and straw, with a charming decoration very much connected with nature, and many even choose to offer a little less interior room in exchange for a larger outer space.


Barra Grande News Hotel 5

In many of them it is possible to enjoy really special moments, like walking in the sand among palm trees, framed by a beautiful seaview. Some people say the local vibe is half Hawaii, half Tahiti but, in fact, it is Piauí…

The daily rates vary widely, but one thing is for sure: you will always get a great hospitality and a comfortable hammock to relax in return…



Pousada Chic  Praia-e-Pousada-BGK-Barra-Grande-Kitepoint-no-Piauí-02

POUSADA VENTO DO MAR  Pousada-Ventos-Nativos-Barra-grande-Piaui

AA Pousada Paraíso da Barra 3  Terra Patris Atellier Pousada





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