It is possible to identify the great cultural diversity  of Barra Grande in many aspects of its daily life.

Most beach huts have toilet and shower, but everything is simple in order not to spoil the charm of the place.

And the warning is: crab rope, shrimp, fried fish, cold beer and iced coconut are easily found in any of them.

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Everything is prepared in a very simple way, but the spices and the Northeastern hospitality are always presente, for sure!

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Talking about the restaurants, many of them display a sign on the door: “Open at sunset time.” That’s right! In Barra Grande there is a kind of relay where all live well, have their work time and rest time in perfect balance…

No wonder that many many people dropped their homeland to live in this Paradise, searching for real quality of life.

In Pontal da Barra Street is where  we get to the hectic night. There you will find several bars, cafes, ice cream shops, pizzerias and restaurants offering tasty dishes that range from the regional to a wide variety of international cuisine.

The atmosphere is rustic yet warm, with live music, good drinks and quality service. In other words, a perfect environment for pleasant moments together with friends or family.




The specialty is seafood: fish stew, lobster, shrimp in garlic and oil, oysters and crab rope are among the menu options. Many restaurants emphasize serving fish from the surroundings but the most importante point is that all products are fresh and, in terms of vegetables, the local production is also very much encouraged.

Among the beverage options, juices and drinks are the most preferred.


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