Despite representing the shortest stretch of the brazilian coast (only 66 kilometers long), the state of Piaui accounts for many beaches of breathtaking beauty. One of them is Barra Grande, located in the village of Cajueiro da Praia, 400 kilometers away from the capital, Teresina.

The sea is clear, warm, and shines in an incredible blue shade with little waves… One manages to walk  towards the sea thanks to an unique shallow stretch, the water reaching the limit  of the hips!  The enchantment is instantaneous!


At low tide, the sea recedes for about 3 kilometers from the beach, so it becomes possible for you to walk on dry humping sand in the surroundings and dive in the natural pools that pop up in many spots.

No doubt Barra Grande is a perfect beach not only for adults but for children as well! And they will surely love it!

Shortly after 5 PM it is sunset time, and an intense flow starts towards the beach, with many people sitting by the sea, eager for that spectacular breathtaking  show…

In August things become even more beautiful when, as people say, the sun sets deep down the sea, making the sky show red orange tones where colorful kites stand out … No words to describe it!

Barra Grande News Kite 7   

And there is more! Picture the merge of such a calm sea together with perfect constant winds, and you willl get to one of the best places one could dream of for kitesurfing.  So much so that it has already been baptized “the kitesurfing mecca”,  where people from all over the world meet to practice and enjoy…

From august to december it is possible to find countless practitioners coming from Europe, especially German, France and Italy.

Besides the calm sea and perfect winds, the “moon shape” of the beach makes the wind blows always along the coast, turning it into a much safer environment for the practice, since you will always be taken that way, at the most! No wonder so many people take the courage (and the opportunity) to learn how to do it in Barra Grande, with or without the help of  one of the many training centres available!

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And for those who choose to just sit on the beach and watch, the colored dance of the kites, mixed with the pirouettes of the kite-flyers in the air form an unforgettable picture you have surely never fancied before!

   Barra Grande News Igreja

Barra Grande is, in fact, one of those special and idyllic places where nature is privileged and where human intervention has been made in a caring and charming way.  Timber and local raw materials are the most used construction elements. In the center of the village there is a small square with a small church, where the residents meet in the night, making it the ideal place to get to know their particular routine.

The main street is sandy and you can wander about during day or night: lighting is bucolic and tranquility reigns above all.

And this is what Barra Grande is all about! A little paradise, with a variety of trendy bars, good restaurants and charming inns, all with rustic architecture, yet sophisticated.  A quiet and simple place where it is possible to feel and breathe a cosmopolitan breeze brought by people from different parts of the world who, in many cases, came here just to relax and have fun, but fell in love with it and eventually decided to stay for good…




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