Barra Grande is an Environmental Protection Area (APA) of the Parnaíba Delta, which aims to protect the coastal ecosystems, located in the states of Maranhão, Piauí and Ceará.

In addition to the practice of sports, the region has an ecotourism trail, which consists of a set of activities carried out in a self-sustaining way both by the community and by local tourist guides to encourage the environmental education, all supported by IBAMA.

Here are some activities you can enjoy:


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Walking on the beach is a “must see” in this paradise on the coast of Piauí, especially in the early morning. At low tide comes a point of sand that penetrates more than 1 km in the sea: perfect for walking.

But if you prefer, you also have the option of walking through the sandy streets of the village. In addition to exercising, you can get to know the local architecture better.




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Many consider that Barra Grande is one of the best places for sea bathing in the brazilian Northeast: the beautiful and crystalline blue waters, often warm, and the calm sea with small waves, are extremely inviting for a few relaxing and, no doubt, energizing dives.

With the rising tide, dozens  of natural pools and some islands turn up, and that is simply amazing!



Barra Grande News Kite 2This is for sure the hottest attraction you will find in Barra Grande.  And to enjoy it you can take your own gear or rent what you may need, if you prefer.

But if you are a beginner or need just some additional guidance, no worries!  There are lots of training support spots available for you to learn the skills from scratch or improve your knowledge of the sport.  And pay attention: lessons can in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, for sure!

And, if you want some more thrill, It is also possible to kite-fly to nearby cities, what is known as downwind…

Service: Kite School Paraiso
Rua José Soares Veras, 52 – 0
Phones: +55 86 3369.8053, +55 86 3322.3117 e +55 86 9962.9762


stand up


With a calm sea, standing on a surfboard, paddling, you are already practicing the stand up paddle, also known as SUP.

For enthusiasts, SUP goes far beyond a sports practice: it is a lifestyle to be followed.

In Barra Grande you can rent boards for stand up paddle directly on the beach. There are also instructors for beginners.


NIGHT LIFE – The main street, Pontal da Barra, is where the nightlife takes place and everyone gather around, as mentioned in the topic COMIDA / FOOD.

Restaurants with live music brighten the night and make your evening even more enjoyable, no matter what your musical tastes are.  Local and foreign artists, who decided to live in Barra Grande for good,  present their talents all the time, for you great pleasure.



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It is a rowing boat tour by the river Camboa, an arm of the river Carumupim, idealized by the children of the fishermen.  On its way it is possible to see some species of the mangrove: animals, molluscs and crustaceans, among them the Uca crab. White and blue herons, among other birds and animals, are also on the scene.  Lots of information are provided by the guides about the various types of mangroves and the variety of crabs, as well as the fishes, that can also be seen when the water is clear.

And the good point is that the fishermen will pick you up at the hotel, going straight to the São Miguel River delta, where the (and the excitement) begins starts…

ROTA DO FRALDÃO   passeio fraldão barra grande8 (1) jornalista Ribamar Aragão

Optando pelo passeio, os pescadores pegam você no hotel com uma carrocinha e seguem até o delta do Rio São Miguel. Inicia-se, então, o passeio de barco. A emoção está só começando…

At a certain point, everyone can get off the boat and “go down the river” floating for about half an hour, effortlessly, with the “loincloth” (a lifejacket used as a diaper), enjoying nature … Gliding in the waters of the igarapés is an outstanding experience, ideal for relaxing, resting, having fun and renewing energies, amidst the typical nature of mangroves, where peace reigns! The river is very shallow and the temperature is delightful…  Adults and kids love it, all together!…


After that, back to the boat, it is time for the island where the seahorses are found in abundance. Some of them are caught and kept in an aquarium so that everyone can observe them closely before they are returned to nature, safe and sound. These delicate, clumsy and colorful little critters live around an island with mangrove vegetation.

A previous schedule is mandatory, since all this activity is carefully controlled and assisted by trained guides, in order not to interfere with the aquatic fauna.


Service: BARRATUR – Association of Tourist Guides of Barra Grande
Phones: +55 86 99941-5363
WhatsApp:  +55 86 99997-8850 / 98169-4038


It is a walking tour on the beach during low tide with access to Camboa Point of the Camurupim River. Tourist guides’  (or local oyster growers’ ) assistance is required.  You will be given infomation on the cultivation process, as well as follow the withdrawal  process.

It’s quite an experience! The wrecks of a great boat called ¨Itamar¨ can be found in that área, and are all covered by vegetation of the mangrove. The cultivated oysters are of the species “Crassostrea rhizophorae” and “Crassostrea Barasilin”.

The tour ends with the tasting of oysters in natura. Those who like it, must not lose the opportunity to enjoy fresh oysters at great prices! It is also possible to buy a greater pack and request it to be delivered to your hotel or inn, what is very much convenient!

A previous schedule is mandatory, since all this activity is carefully controlled and assisted by trained guides, in order not to interfere with the aquatic fauna.

Service: BARRATUR – Association of Tourist Guides of Barra Grande
Phones: +55 86 99941-5363
WhatsApp:  +55 86 99997-8850 / 98169-4038


The herons’ island tour, a small fluvial island of the Camurupim River, located inside the Environmental Preservation Area of the Parnaíba Delta, is done in a typical rowboat, what is ideal for a better appreciation of the local fauna.

One can see there several types of heron: the Blue, the Big White, the Little White and the Royal one!  All have diurnal and solitary habits but when it is the reproduction season, they gather in the top of tall trees in the afternoon and evening. Actually a show!

Besides the herons, you can also observe other birds such as: Siricoia, Socó and Tomatião, among others. At the end of the tour, there is a local community surprise.

Service: BARRATUR – Association of Tourist Guides of Barra Grande
Phones: +55 86 99941-5363
WhatsApp:  +55 86 99997-8850 / 98169-4038



Since 1996, the municipality of Cajueiro da Praia has been hosting a project that is an example to the world in terms of the preservation of the species. The Manatee Project is conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) in partnership with the Aquatic Mammals Foundation and official sponsorship of Petrobras, together with the city hall and local community support. And remember: the manatee is on the list of the most endangered in the world!

DSC01298The main focus of the research team is to monitor the specimens starting from a permanent location in the waters of Rio Timonha, located on the border of the states of Piauí and Ceará. It’s the only one located in open sea on the planet!  And another thing: Cajueiro da Praia is the first Brazilian municipality to grant the title of natural heritage to the manatee and, in 2005, it was able to register the birth of a cub of the species. No wonder, the mammal is the symbol of the place.

Without natural predators and abundance of capim-agulha  (staple food), the manatee finds an ideal environment for breeding and living on the Piauí coast.  Fantastic!

At the headquarters of the Marine Mammals Center of Cajueiro da Praia, there is a facility following the guidelines of regional and sustainable architecture. The project also has a small museum and staff interested in sharing experiences with tourists.

Three times a week, a team of biologists goes to the platform set at sea, where manatees can be observed in their natural habitat. As some seats on the boat are reserved for tourists, it is possible to take the opportunity to observe the manatees between 6am and 9am in the morning, which is the best time for that.

In Cajueiro da Praia, you can also find dolphins, seahorses and sea turtles.


From Barra Grande to Cajueiro da Praia you can go by car, van or moto-taxi. Heading to the Main Church square and towards Cajueiro beach, you will find the Manatee Projet HQ on the hillside.



Cajueiro Rei


Considered the largest cashew tree in the world (yes, it has overcome the one of Natal-RN!), and located in the municipality of Cajueiro da Praia, this is actually a giant work of action of nature, called air layering (or marcotting): a natural phenomenon which occurs when the branches touch the ground, are covered by damp earth and begin to develop its own roots. It is important to note that when a branch sprouts, the trunk is reinforced and continues branching, and the process resumes. Thus, while increasing the capture of sunlight, water and soil nutrients, the cashew tree keeps growing, but still as a single tree.  It is estimated to be over 200 years old and covers an area of ​​approximately 8,810 square meters. Besides the age and size, the Cajueiro stands out for being a tree born of a single chestnut!


From Barra Grande to Cajueiro da Praia you can go by car, van or moto-taxi. Getting to the Main Church square, turn right and go straight on till you come across the sign for Itam beach on the left. Take it and the Big Cashew Tree will be waiting for you on the left side of the road.

It is also possible to get there on foot from the main beach of Cajueiro da Praia. Follow the Barbaço Trail, bypassing the beach, if it is low tide time. Arriving in Itam, enter the village and the cashew tree will be near the road on your right. If the tide is high, follow the route above.

IMPORTANT:  It is possible  to go on a hike including several tourist spots of Cajueiro da Praia.

Danilton Nobrega: + 55 86 98194-5438 (CajuEco Tur)



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